Moist Theatre

Improv Comedy at its wettest

Moist theatre is a comedy improv troupe.



Moist theatre is made up of current and abroad members. Who they are and what they are up to currently is detailed below.


Current Members


Carson Gale graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Business. He has since been working as an actor, doing everything from television commercials to film and television as well as theatre. He is a Second City conservatory graduate. Carson's main focus theatrically is Moist Theatre, and is well on his way to do acting and comedy writing full-time aside from improv. Check out his personal website for more info.



Matt graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Communication Studies and has worked in the field of social media for small businesses around Toronto. He has been performing improv comedy for a few years now but his theatre background is in stage building and design. He has performed a wide range of types of theatre from Shakespeare to Wilde and from time to time he also performs stand-up comedy at Yuk Yuk's but has found his creative home among Moist Theatre.



Colin Murphy is the resident engineer of Moist Theatre and after obtaining his degree from McMaster. Colin's experience in theatre ranges from writing and directing musicals, to stand-up comedy in Hamilton and Toronto, and of course, improv. He also has completed The Second City conservatory program. Colin's pursual of improv through Moist Theatre strengthened after being the co-president of the McMaster Improv Team for the year following his brother's (Cliff's) departure from McMaster.



Ben's theatrical achievements and successes as an improviser come from a long history in improv comedy. He was one of the founding members of the McMaster Improv Team before joining Moist Theatre.



Cliff Murphy completed his undergraduate degree alongside Ben in health studies after which he spent two years doing a post-graduate degree in education at Niagara College. He works as a secondary school teacher in the Halton region of southern-Ontario and spends his summers working in a summer camp for children with special needs. Cliff also has an extensive amount of theatrical experience and training from performing and writing theatre to directing his own rendition of Twelfth Night. He has graduated from The Second City conservatory and has also had extensive training in improvisational comedy.



After graduating from McMaster University, Martin moved to Europe to work and study. He spent some years living in Barcelona reconnecting with his family roots before moving to London to get his MSc. He has since moved back to Canada and built his own business as a translator and copywriter.