Moist Theatre

Improv Comedy at its wettest

Moist theatre is a comedy improv troupe.



Moist theatre is made up of current and abroad members. Who they are and what they are up to currently is detailed below.


Members Abroad


Patrick was on loan to Moist Theatre from Leed's University way back in 2009-2010. Having done stand up comedy back in England, his dry sense of humor meshed instantly with Moist Theatre. Currently still living in England, Patrick is a well on his way to his own career in comedy, having produced countless shows around his university community. He currently works full time in the comedic arts, be it performing at new and exciting opportunities, or organizing them to begin with. We look forward to the day he decides to come back to his home away from home here in Canada, or the day Moist Theatre can all fly to England and surprise him.